How to improve your sexual wellness with your partner

How to improve your sexual wellness with your partner

When you think about taking care of your health and wellness, are you also considering your sexual wellness with your partner? Your personal sexual wellness or sexual health is important, too, but today we’re focusing on sexual intimacy between two individuals. And not just individuals in committed relationships, but anyone engaging in sexual intimacy with another person. 

Ready to learn how to improve your sexual wellness? This is going to be enlightening, yes, but also a little juicy, too...

1. Practice communication

Don’t grab a pillow and sleeping mask just yet. I know open communication doesn’t sound entirely sexy, but just wait. According to one study, more sexual communication is associated with improved sexual satisfaction in relationships. In this study, the researcher conducted a meta-analysis of 48 studies where they examined sexual communication and different sexual functions such as desire, arousal, erection, lubrication, orgasm, and pain. Engaging in conversations about sex for both men and women was found to lead to better sexual function, especially for orgasm function and greater overall sexual health. 

Key takeaways here - don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want in the bedroom and don’t take it personally when your partner expresses what they want from you. The conversations may start out rocky and uncomfortable, but as it becomes a regular practice you will find it gets easier and easier. 

2. Experiment

Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone (with consent, of course). If there is a fantasy you’ve always imagined or a certain kink that has been on your mind, try it out with your partner! Going back to number 1, it is important to discuss it with your partner beforehand, but once you are both on the same page, go into it with confidence even if it’s uncomfortable. Eventually, that discomfort will wear off and you will find yourself in pure bliss. 

Key takeaways here - let go of judgment, keep an open mind, and know your boundaries.

3. Consider adding a sex toy to the mix

Nothing can replace good old-fashioned human touch, don’t get us wrong, but mimicked human touch can add an extra little zing to your sex life that you didn’t even know was missing. For example, have you ever heard of a blended orgasm? It’s when the glans clitoris and the G-spot, are stimulated at once and a woman experiences two orgasms at once. Talk about magic. Bringing a sex toy into the mix can help increase the chance of this occurring. And who doesn’t want that? The more orgasms one releases, the more endorphins are released (the feel-good hormone that makes you feel high on life and can even decrease pain!)

If you don’t know where to start with your search check out these well-engineered sex toys for women and this selection here for men. Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it could be a good guide to get you going.

Key takeaway here - sex toys are not absolutely necessary for a healthy sex life, but they do have the ability to enhance it and improve your sexual wellness with your partner.

4. Try intimate activities

These are activities that don’t necessarily have to happen inside a bedroom. Think acro-yoga, ballroom dance classes, or even cooking extravagant meals together. These kinds of activities will increase your intimacy with one another and will allow you to connect on a much deeper level compared to simply sitting in front of a screen clicking through Netflix (not that we don’t appreciate the occasional ‘Netflix and Chill’).

Another intimate activity we are a big fan of is taking turns giving massages to one another or stretching one another on a soft surface like our Casa Origin yoga mats. Then, if things escalate and you start fooling around, the added element of being outside the bedroom will only enhance the experience.

Key takeaway here - Designating time spent with your partner that involves intimate activities can allow you two to connect on a deeper level. 


Share with us, we’d love to know - what are ways you take care of your sexual wellness with your partner?

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