These activewear brands aren’t as sustainable as being naked...but come close

These activewear brands aren’t as sustainable as being naked...but come close

While naked yoga, naked meditation, or even naked pilates sounds wonderful and liberating in theory, and of course as sustainable as one could get, let’s be real, you’re securing your goods to wick up that sweat and keep your body protected as you move and flow. 

Now, how do you go about choosing the best activewear to do just that? There are a dizzying number of brands out there claiming they have the highest quality materials, coolest designs, most comfortable fabrics, but how many of them are actually being kind to the planet? Activewear falls under the category of fashion, and as you probably know, fashion is not sustainable by nature. It’s meant to be consumed and thrown away, season after season. Fortunately, there are fashion brands out there who are using safer materials that are natural, recyclable, and wayyyy better for the planet. 

To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up our five favorite sustainable activewear brands that will have you not only feeling good about yourself, but also about the world around you. Without further adieu, here they are...

*Side note, each brand has a rating of good or higher on Good on You, a trusted source of sustainability ratings for fashion. 

1. Armedangels

Sustainability rating: Great

Based in Germany

A majority of the materials used by Armedangels is eco-friendly and sustainable. Its use of organic cotton and renewable energy in operations significantly reduces their negative impact on the planet. Due to their sustainable practices, they are able to limit the amount of chemicals and water used in production. Their assortment includes items beyond activewear that we also recommend - the cool and timeless designs are casa origin approved for sure. GO Armedangels! 

Look to try: Aasa body suit and Kaaia Sweathose for a crisp Autumn morning yoga sesh in the park. Complete the look with the casa origin white cork yoga mat and you are, *chef’s kiss*, golden.

2. Patagonia

Sustainability rating: Good

Based in USA

Patagonia is a pioneer in the sustainable fashion world. We couldn’t leave them off this list if we tried. While, their assortment is not necessarily synonymous with activewear, it is synonymous with hiking and adventure, and isn’t that being active? Yes, we thought so, too. They have been leading the industry for quite some time as a sort of anti-fast fashion player. Their focus being on producing long-lasting products using high quality materials. They even tell their customers to not purchase too much from them. Patagonia, if you were a person, we’d 100 percent want to be your friend.

Look to try: This two toned puffer jacket to throw on for brunch with the girls after an early morning pilates class in the early winter.

3. Organic basics

Sustainability rating: Great

Based in Denmark

We looove Organic basics and know you will, too. Their whole collection is ethically made and eco-friendly. You can even choose to use their ‘low-impact’ website while shopping online. It uses less energy than their regular one - we talkin’ about next level sustainability, folks. *High fives* for Organic basics. You can find bras, leggings, swimwear, even circular denim. Ok so denim isn’t activewear, but we had to throw that in there. Expect minimal and clean design from every single piece they sell. You haven’t washed your hair in 3 days and just finished the sweatiest Bikram yoga clas? Throw on some Organic basics - you will always look fresh and put together ;)

Look to try: Their active bike shorts, an oversized tee, and a cup of chamomile tee = Meditation ready.

4. CasaGIN

Sustainability rating: Good

Based in Italy

CasaGIN is a brand whose products will deliver harmony and well-being to your day. All of their products are made from eco-friendly materials that you can feel good about wearing. All manufacturing is done locally to ensure they are limiting their impact on the planet. Their designs and aesthetic is a little more playful than our previously listed brands, so if you are feeling up for something a little more lively, this brand is for you. 

Look to try: Their Be.Performance top with shorts for a lunchtime jog. Show off that subtle floral print as you disconnect from your busy workday.


Sustainability rating: Good

Based in UK

When we think of TALA, we immediately think of cool, fresh, ‘don’t mess’. Yet as funky and edgy as they come across, their practices scream kind and genuine. They use a combination of eco-friendly materials and upcycled materials, as well as recycled packaging. Whether you’re hitting the gym, dropping in to a yoga class, or going out for a walking meditation sesh, slip on a TALA set and you will feel the confidence spark through your veins. 

Look to try: Their Volley Sweatshirt with a pair of comfy undies. Pop this combo on for an easy evening stretch on the casa origin black cork yoga mat and you’ve just entered an oasis of the sweetest dreams to come.