4 mindful strategies you can use to enjoy the Autumn season

4 Achtsamkeitsstrategien mit denen du die Herbstsaison genießen kannst

Autumn is upon us. Which means the summer is behind us, and the holiday season has not yet arrived. We know packing away your sundress and sandals may feel like the fun is over until next year, but we’re here to tell you to get those thoughts out of your head. The Autumn season provides its own special feelings and vibes that we are going to help you to access. How? You may be asking. Well, it all starts with mindfulness


1. Go on mindful walks through your local park.

Pay attention to the vibrant colors of the trees and the crisp air on your skin. Maybe bring along your headphones and turn on some calming music. With each step you take, soak in your surroundings, smile at those who pass you, and be grateful for this beautiful planet we get to call home. 


2. Buy vegetables that are in season

Instead of mindlessly going to the grocery store and buying your usuals, research what veggies are in season and make an effort to seek them out on your next grocery trip. Something about buying a veggie that’s in season is so heartwarming and will make you appreciate the Autumn months so much more.


3. Cook a cozy Autumn dish

Now that you bought the veggies, you’ve set yourself up for success with this one. Whether it’s creamy pumpkin soup or an aromatic apple pie, take out your apron and turn the kitchen into your little playground. Enjoy the process by appreciating the colors and textures of the vegetables, turn on some tunes to set the vibe, and lean into the cooking experience. Hot tip* heat up a pot of apple cider with cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange slices - your whole home is going to smell so cozy, you will wish Autumn never ended. 


4. Take your yoga mat out into nature

Find a patch of grass under the tallest tree you can spot. Simply sit down on your mat, close your eyes, and inhale the beauty that surrounds you. Listen to the vibrant Autumn leaves blowing in the wind, strangers chatting as they pass by, and the stillness of the moment you are in. If you prefer to practice some yoga instead, go for it. As you move from one pose to another, take note of the colors that surround you, the smells of the leaves that are falling, and be thankful for mother nature and this beautiful home she provides us with.


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